Week12 100 wc

I am a leg pot on display in the middle of somewhere. Over 100 people have been pointing and calling me strange, different and weird. Little children have been screaming at me in horror, running in fright to their parents. I’m sick of these people calling me nasty things and l just wanted them to go away. Why can’t I be like those happy and lucky flowers who have everything and happiness? So I came up with a plan. Two weeks ago, I planted myself with leg seeds so that I can transport myself to the lovely patch.

6 thoughts on “Week12 100 wc”

  1. So that’s why the pot had legs! An intriguing and very imaginative tale. I really enjoyed and quite surprised by the ending. Well done.

  2. What a good storyline, Will and unusual too! You made us feel sympathetic towards this strange pot and explained why it had the legs. I would never of thought of it that way, so was a surprise and enjoyable ending. Nice one!

  3. Leg seeds! A very clever idea to have the leg pot grow legs so that it can escape to a better place; a cunning plan indeed. I hope it makes it to the lovely patch. Your imagination has really run away with you this time Will.

    1. Hi David,
      Glad you enjoyed it.
      Did you write one and if so please could you send me the link ?

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