Week11 100wc

Greetings humans of earth I am Peaky the robot. I have been blasted into space to tell the world how good this certain sport is. This game is hard to play because you have to chase around to get to the ball and use your brain to make tactical decisions. You have a lot of fun whilst trying to win but at the same time being polite to your opponent. At the end of the match you have to shake hands with the opposition and you make friends whether you win or not. You learn how to loose, control your temper and learn from your mistakes. Can you guess what the sport is? It is TENNIS!

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  1. I loved it I really thought you was the alion good peace of wreck will.ps you are the best boy ever well done.

  2. Great piece of writing William I thought you did really well and you put allot of great stuff in that paragraph. Hope you do some more writing!!!

  3. I think that it was really good because it was like you are specing to astronaut
    ps. I really like it will .

  4. A really nice piece of writing william I thought you did a really good job of describing tennis and love the technical words. I think peaky should definitely go on his trip to space good luck. can you play tennis in space? !!!!!!!!

  5. What a great paragraph of tennis in space Will that is a very, very astonishing paragraph. The way you’re determined to get that letter to space aren’t you. You have a very astonishing paragraph with very good punctuation in it. I hope that letter gets blasted off to space because that would be very cool and fun. Once again I hope that letter goes into space.

  6. I think you have done a good description of tennis and said what it is about . I Hope you carry on writing !!!

  7. will that’s really good and it was easy and hard to guess well your favourite sport is tennis u wrote a lot but often when people write a lot its boring but your is really not its exciting sortove

  8. wow joe nice piece of writing i like how you what a way to promote the tennis sport team well done will.

  9. I love the fact that you have referred to the robots character as well as focusing on the sport tennis. And I could not of done this myself I would of gone over or under 100 words.

  10. I really like how you brang peaky the robot to life. By the way I really
    liked the riddle at the end.

  11. That is one piece of writing Will! I think it’s amazing and I hope you get though and it gets blassted of into space !!!!

  12. Great text I liked the words in it they were very powerful words I can’t believe it was written by a child hope you win WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!

  13. WELL DONE!!!! what a great way to show how good the sport tennis is, peaky!!!Not another 100 word challenge

  14. I think this is one of the best pieces of writing ever made because it includes a lot of imaginary thinking! May I ask a question what inspired you to write this beautiful piece of writing? Also why did you do a piece of writing about tennis? How did you get all these thoughts? You are such a skilled writer I think you could make a book and everyone would love it because you have so many amazing thoughts that I think even Dick King Smith would be extremely impressed with you. Thanks for reading.

  15. This is really good will .I like how you made the robot come to life.I also like how you used the phrase greeting humans of earth.

  16. wow you have done more than 100 I could not do this allon but how long did it take to do it because if i did it it would take years

  17. Amazing 100 word paragraph Will. I guess that you are good at Tennis by your mind blowing paragraph.I hope that you win this challenge good luck.If you win it will be amazing as you and your brother are just kids.There are lots of people in the world doing this challenge but I think that yours is the best one in my opinion.I really hope that you win it.

  18. Well done Will very good way of describing tennis to the world.Saying you were a robot was a creative way of describing the setting of space can you play tennis in space I think no.Because the ball could float away.

  19. I really like your text because it has really good explanation .It tells everybody about your favourite sport…TENNIS!

  20. How is it even possible to play tennis in space the ball would just float away?That paragraph reminded me of a poem.

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