Week 15 100wc

I have two brilliant, helpful and caring friends called Noah and George. George plays football, I play tennis and Noah plays football. We are learning each other’s sports to make sure nobody is left out and that we can all play together. It’s a bit difficult to play tennis with three people. It’s a bit difficult to play cricket with three people because one batsman, one bowler and one fielder is too easy for the batsman. It’s difficult to play football with three people: 2 vs. 1. In 2017 I hope to have an extra friend so that we can make it all fair.

2 thoughts on “Week 15 100wc”

  1. An interesting observation about the benefits of team sports and how participation in games broadens friendship. Clearly written by a sportsman.
    Well done William

  2. You’re right Will, three is a very awkward number in sport. Hadn’t considered it before so your thoughts are particularly interesting. Let’s hope you soon find that extra friend to make things better and even up the numbers. Good sport!

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