Week 14 100wc

We were on the M4 road driving to the lovely beach when I spotted a cloud. Unusually, it was in the shape of a dog so I thought I could track it. I smiled and hugged myself because animals make me feel loving and caring. We skidded to a halt as the car in front of us urgently braked and my attention became focussed on my dads reaction. Dad went “phew” so I knew we were safe and I could go back to my cloud tracking. As I turned round it changed shape and had transformed into a cat, my favourite animal.

2 thoughts on “Week 14 100wc”

  1. Another fascinating and imaginative piece. You introduced an element of fear and cleverly used this weeks key words in a breath taking incident. Well done William.

  2. A good story, Will, with an almost dreamlike quality. Nice use of words to give a sense of danger and relief in turns. I wonder if your Dad had been looking at the cloud as well ?!

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