Week 13 100wc

As soon as the caretaker opened the orange bars of the crocodile habitat, one of them shot out. This spiny creature was very adventurous and he waddled all the way to Wimbledon where he knew he could find lots of yummy food from the shops and bins within. He stared at the gigantic posh club house coated in Ivy and flowers which was wonderful, beautiful and bright. Intrigued by the sound of clapping he found the one and only centre court. As he entered, the spectators gasped with their mouths wide open and started to PANIC. As everyone ran, the stadium collapsed.

5 thoughts on “Week 13 100wc”

  1. An intriguing piece. I could clearly imagine the panic when the crocodile wandered into the centre Court enclosure. Very descriptive, well done.

  2. Hello Will!
    I love the way you have des tubes the club house at Wimbledon. I always notice the ivy!
    You have included the words really well to make a sensible story (not everyone does you know!).
    Well done for all your hard work with 100wc!

  3. Great story Will. You’ve done really well to build in all those words. And a great ending…I wonder what happened to the Croc?!!

  4. A really interesting and surprising story, Will, I have never thought of a crocodile at Wimbledon before – and as you say, imagine the “PANIC” if one got onto the centre-court! Well done for using all the words naturally to shape the storyline. Good work.
    So we all want to know now – what happened next?

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