Week 12 The Legless Pot

“Freeze, freeze, freeze. Legs, legs, legs, more legs!” demanded the legless pot. Then out of the blue a fellow gardener passed by, “Freezy* Freezy” repeated the pot and out zapped a beam of light so strong that it froze the poor man.
Suddenly, he disappeared into nothing (except for his long legs) following which, a few seconds later, the legs disappeared and popped onto the pots head. ‘Pop’.
The pot then ate a layer of skin on the legs revealing the veins beneath.
“What in the gibldygobldypobledy* world is that!” Squealed another passer by as the pot echoed “Freezy Freezy…”

*freezy random made up word (not my fault blame it on the ‘pot’)
*gibldygobldypobledy made up word alert the guy didn’t go to school.

5 thoughts on “Week 12 The Legless Pot”

  1. A very scary tale that made the hair on neck stand up! I loved the way you introduced gibldygobldypopledy into your tale. well done.

  2. A pot with an appetite for legs! If I had been that startled passer by, I too would have come out with unusual words for what I had just seen. I love this story Joe and your characterisation and description of the sinister pot and its gruesome contents.

  3. A very original and imaginative story, Joe. Well written too. Love the “freezy / freezy”. You can almost hear the pot saying that in a threatening way! Well done.

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