100wc week15

In 2017 I hope… that
In spring I am planted,
Hoping for new hopes and hoping for warmth.

In summer, I am growing,
Growing half way up to the sky.
Picnicking people come and go,
Trying to take my shade.

In autumn, I am nearly maximum height,
But dogs come and leave their black bags all over me,
The sun shines,
The seeds go,
For the trees next year to follow.

In winter, I am max height. People come and cut me down,
They put me up into their cosy house,
And decorate me from top to bottom

I am a Christmas tree.

2 thoughts on “100wc week15”

  1. I think this is your best piece so far. It is beautifully composed and extremely descriptive. Well done Joseph a really great effort.

  2. Joseph, you’re a poet and I didn’t know it ! A really well constructed piece with a great shape. I found it very moving and a little sad at the end when the tree is cut down after it has and will still give so much to others. What feeling you have created. Very, very good !

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